Vince Cate

In November of 1994 I moved from The States to Anguilla in the Caribbean. I think of this as "voting with your feet". Anguilla was a great place to do business, with a consumption-based tax system that encourages savings, investment and growth. However, there is now personal income tax and very soon a VAT tax.

I started Offshore Information Services Ltd, We have had some publicity over the years.

My education and training are in Computer Science. I have a BS in EECS from Berkeley, a MS in CS from Carnegie Mellon, and did most of the work for a PhD at Carnegie Mellon (I am ABD). My thesis project was the Alex Filesystem that lets you access FTPable files on the Internet just like you access local files.

When I moved to Anguilla, I rented a nice 2 bedroom house in Old Ta. As is true of many many houses in Anguilla, I have a fantastic view. My rent was only $500/month. I figure a similar house with a good view in California would cost me $1,500/month (partly higher because in The States probably $500/month would be going to the landlords property tax). In The States I would have to earn $3,000 before taxes to be able to pay the $1,500. So the result really is $2,000 to government and $1,000 to the landlord. So I would have to earn 6 times as much to pay rent there, and 2/3 of the money would really go to governments.

I think that the internet and encryption are going to make for some fun and exciting changes in society. The Cypherpunks mailing list is for people with similar views. I have setup my own Cryptorebel/Cypherpunk Pages on this topic.

Years ago I set up an ITAR Civil Disobedience page that let you click on a button saying, "Click here to become an International Arms Trafficker". I am also one of the founders of the International Financial Cryptography Association that puts on a Financial Cryptography conference. For the first 4 years and the 10 year this conference was held in Anguilla.

Years ago I experimented with a small electric or kite powered boat here in Anguilla. Lots of fun.

The perpetual travelers idea of traveling around the world so that you were never in one place long enough to be captured by the government seems interesting. In practice though, it seems better to find a nice place like Anguilla.

I could walk to Katouche beach from the first house I rented in Anguilla through the bush in about 20 minutes. There was hardly ever anyone there when I was there. There are many such seldom used beaches in Anguilla. Being a long and skinny island without all that many people makes for a fantastic miles-of-beach/person ratio. :-)
On November 21, 1998 I married Samantha Hodge!

Eleven people from my family came down to Anguilla for the wedding. They all liked Anguilla alot.

Samantha's mother Milly is in the white hat just to my left. My mother is just to the left of Milly.

Samantha and I have 4 boys.
Some of my other web pages are and I also like the idea of a floating island, or at least a floating harbor out in the deep ocean. I have done some stuff on wiki. In particular I did some model testing. I have written some about my non-standard beliefs. I have been playing with a cave on our property. Looking at two string kites pulling rafts for playing on the ocean and maybe going between islands.

We have a boat so we can play on the ocean. I renounced my US citizenship in 1998 though it was published in the 1999 Federal Register. I am an Anguillian citizen now, though there is more to that story...

I have a site where I am trying to figure out a design for a Seastead to build.

My sons and I are working on our own rc solar airplane design.

I renounced my citizenship.

Have just started a blog at to try out different open source chat bots as they come out.

I am working on software I call ElectronWaves that simulating electrons using a GPU.

I am working on a project called where the idea is to make a plane that can patrol Anguilla's waters for illegal fishing or do search and rescue work.

This juggler gif seems like a good image for life sometimes. You have to juggle work, family, hobbies, etc.

Vincent Cate
949 Shoal Bay
The Valley
Anguilla, East Caribbean

Phone: (264) 497-3255

Email: vince lastname at gmail dot com.